Integra Solutions

Integrated Solutions

INTEGRA is a package of technical solutions, services and support to industrial producers of various kinds. The purpose of the product integra is to increase the efficiency of production lines of our Clients. This includes acceleration of production by automation, ensuring high quality by proper instrumentation, minimization of costs by optimization of production and finally, environment protection by implementing green technologies. Integra is a branded name of SIMECO.Systems, and it is a product of our own highly qualified staff. So far, we have developed the following applications within the INTEGRA framework:

  • Control of beer fermentation process,
  • Quality control of milk-based products,
  • Clean-in-place of process tanks,
  • Combustion optimization,
  • Control of soda production by electrolysis,
  • Fuel supply management for distributed storage,
  • Power management.

We are constantly developing new solutions of automation systems and are ready to take on any challenge that a specific task may pose.

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